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ralphhuang1The las Vegas Examiner has posted a new article about Lord Neil B. Gibson:

The internet has become the hub of information that most people on earth now use as a place to do research, stay up to date on current events that interest them, and socialize. The way that information is conveyed across the internet in order for it to become useful for individuals worldwide has become more precise over the past few years, as the growing use of search engines as a starting point increases in popularity. The search engines themselves distill the generalized topic into chunks of information that people can use in quick form, through the snippits that Google places into their search results. By searching for a topic, then scanning the first page of google results that are delivered, many people no longer need to even visit the indexed pages to find out as much information as they need. Using search engines is now very much like reading the headlines in a newspaper.

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Lord Neil B. Gibson endorses Ralph HuangOur business organizations would honorably like to declare our political and financial support of Mr. Ralph Huang’s candidacy for the position of Stander Bearer in Cayo South Constituency Area representative Slated Convention United Democratic Party in Belize.

In these last five years, our organizations have worked closely with Ralph Huang in business and financial ventures. We have found Ralph to be an extremely strong professional with an extensive range of understanding of Belize, on economic impact values.

Ralph Huang is trustworthy, honest and dedicated in investing precious hours required for this governmental position. Our organizations are confident that Ralph is the only deserving candidate for this office.


Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and the associates of LNBG LLC have officially announced the endorsement and support for the election of Dellonney Huang for the position of Standard Bearer in Cayo South Constituency in Belize.

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and the associates of LNBG LLC have officially announced the endorsement and support for the election of Dellonney Huang for the position of Standard Bearer in Cayo South Constituency in Belize. “The election of Dellonney Huang to this important position will benefit the people of Belize, and will assist in the moving forward of important programs that will benefit the citizens. He is perfect for this position and we support his campaign completely,” Lord Neil Gibson stated recently. (more…)

Lord Neil B Gibson and Tammy Lier Gibson Meet with Junior Habet and the Honourable Erwin Contreras, Honourable Rene Montero, Honourable Edmun Castro and Salvador Fernandez

Lord Neil B Gibson and the Hon. Erwin Contreras of Belize

Ecovillages are people-based initiatives to model sustainable, low-impact, human settlements. They are applicable to both rural and urban settings and accessible to all. Eco-villagers utilize green energy technology, ecological building techniques, and human-scale design to reduce exploitation of natural resources, facilitate community self-reliance, and improve quality of life. Medical clinics will be included in the development of each village. These medical clinics can assist in the care management of other local villages and expand the Belize Healthcare footprint.

They are about the creation of new settlements as well as retrofitting existing villages and urban areas. An ecovillage is designed in harmony with its bioregion instead of the landscape being unduly engineered to fit construction plans. By thinking in terms of bioregions, sustainable settlements are planned considering water availability, the ability to grow food, and accessibility. (more…)

First Interstate Group makes a move. FIG to assit and coordinate a housing project in belize that will provide low cost housing for the Belizean people

There is a great need for “tropical storm resilient” housing for the citizens of Belize.

Prominent Belizean businessman Ralph Huang has teamed up with First Interstate Group, and Lord Neil B. Gibson.  They have arranged for a 40-acre parcel of land along the western highway to be donated to this project.  The land is valued at approximately $700,000.00 USD. This is all being done with the approval of the Belizean Government.


Handels Securites and Lord Neil B Gibson partner to bring renewable energy to the beautiful Country of Belize – Part 2

Handels Securites and Lord Neil B Gibson partner to bring renewable energy to the beautiful Country of Belize

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Handels Securities and DayDra Holdings Group announced today a partnership to form Belize Energy Co. in the country of Belize, Central America.

Belize Energy Co., plans to introduce ultra clean energy independence to the country of Belize with a proposed 20 megawatt base load electricity utilizing Hydrogen Fuel Cells. The Belize Energy Co., offer the country such economic advantages as reduce oil imports, surplus energy exports, surplus energy exports, reduction of electricity imports and net energy trade balance. The new multi-million dollar operation will have a high production capacity to complete with existing and surrounding government contracts as well as anticipated consumer demand for the country of Belize for future economic growth.

Lord Gibson offers “that the partnership has been working closely with the Honorable Erwin Rafael Contreras, Trade Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection of Belizean Ministry’s Office.

A study of the projects economic result is expected to offer a huge economic stimulation to the countries local communities as well as its supplement export businesses created through this overall program. Belize Energy Co., is part of a countries economic diversification for growth as frequently cited by the Honorable Erwin Rafael Contreras, Minister of Trade Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection.

Further, Lord Neil B. Gibson and Philip Pritchard, Chairman of DayDra offers that the new Belize Energy Co., is expecting to create more than 1,500 jobs over the next 24 to 36 months. The project objectives are to provide the Belizean Energy Independence, Trade Balance & Economic Development, Significant Employment Opportunities to the native countrymen’s and Training and Academic Support to the country.” We’re looking forward to offering the Belizean people outstanding career growth opportunities.”

Lord Neil Gibson offers Belize Energy Co., is one of several new partnerships between Handels Securities and the DayDra Holdings Group that will offer outstanding career opportunities for the country of Belize.

About Handels Securities Ltd 

Handels Securities Ltd., led by Lord Neil Gibson since its inception in 2010, is a registered Belize International Business company licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFCS) to transact and practice in three primary areas of banking services. Handels Securities Ltd. participates with financial commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities, International Money Transmission, and Safe Custody Services. It is overseen by the Belize IFCS and is a licensed Swiss trust company. Handels Securities’ expertise strengthens interactions with investors through its client relationships and capital markets platforms.

About DayDra Holdings Group LLC 

DayDra Holdings Group is a privately held US-based company that operates domestically and overseas in global markets. We create, develop, own, and manage our projects, programs, and acquisitions as well as provide contract management expertise and advisory services.

DayDra straddles synergistic business sectors to achieve superior financial results while improving the economic and natural environments as well as community safety and security. DayDra projects span several sectors including construction and civil revitalization; environmentally responsible and sustainable energy generation; Internet services; security and tactical systems, technology and services; as well as other commercial enterprises.