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Part of contributing to any successful philanthropic or humanitarian project is having something of value to contribute. Oftentimes, people want to help a cause but do not know how they can be of service. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, a humanitarian whose work has taken him around the world, knows exactly what his talents are and how he can benefit the organizations and communities that are looking for help.

Bringing the Talent

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a very talented individual in the financial realm. Through experience in the industry gained by working with a number of projects and organizations, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has learned the best ways to allocate financial assets in an effort to make the work of each humanitarian project go as far as possible. His knowledge has benefited individuals that live in the communities he has helped around the world, and his expertise in finance has allowed him to forge many advantageous relationships with individuals in countries all over the globe. (more…)

Lord Neil Gibson is a humanitarian and financier. In the course of his every week he meets all kinds of people – from lobbyists for needy charities to asset holders who have billions of dollars in assets they wish to trade. According to Neil he will get over 400 emails on a standard day. He has 7 meetings a day arranged, and that is when he is not flying from one side of the planet to the other.

If you are that busy, every now and again you’ll meet a bad egg. Someone will say they have assets which do not exist or are from a source you’d be better not dealing with.

Lord Gibson has several times come across such people, who are often desperate and will go to extreme lengths to pretend that they are real. This may be because they are desperate to get rid of a bad debt or perhaps they have promised unrealistic results to a fellow trader.

Unfortunately for Neil, one such ne’er-do-well contacted him. As a result Neil worked with the US authorities to put him away. The man was found guilty and served his time.

Alas, when the man got out of jail and tried to pick up the pieces he turned bitter and started pursuing Neil. This resulted in a court case which Neil Gibson won. This victory made the pursuer even bitterer.

Lord Neil Gibson spends many hours of his week trying to make the world a better place, so it’s not as if he should put the encounter down to karma. He believes that in fact the Internet is to blame. In the past it was not so easy for anybody to post slanderous comments online in minutes which get acknowledged worldwide in seconds.

Internet defamation laws are gradually changing for the better but right now while spending millions on a libel case in London your Internet stalker can be posting thousands of defamatory posts about you online. People are getting better at hiding the trail; using IP address hiders and Internet cafes.

So, libel cases are outmoded and a waste of money; especially when your pursuer has spent time in jail and has lost all his money in the process.

Lord Neil Gibson is not phased. He knows he is not how the Internet stalker portrays him.

Lord Gibson continues to work as a humanitarian and currently presides over billions in assets across three continents. It’s just part of being who he is that one man has decided to write and post loads of tosh about him online.

Earlier in our discussion of Lord Neil Gibson, we mentioned some of the different areas in which he had brought humanitarian efforts—and what you might have noticed, and were perhaps even a little shocked by, was that he has made a huge positive impact not just in one part of the world, but on five different continents and a seemingly endless list of nations! It’s impressive that he has even been to all these places; that he has, in fact, radically changed many of them is downright staggering.

But it is nevertheless true. Lord Neil Gibson is most widely known, perhaps, for his work as the Ambassador at Large in West Africa, where his brilliant collaboration with Firestone led to incredible relief efforts throughout the region. Many others know him for his work in Iraq, or even his local endeavors, such as his fundraising in New Orleans. But even here, we have not yet reached the tip of the iceberg.

Just consider some of these other global adventures of Lord Neil Gibson:

Right now, Lord Neil Gibson is hard at work in Central America—specifically, in the country of Belize. He is working with the government of this nation to build a trade road, one leading from the port in Belize into the nation of Guatemala, something much-needed in that area for a good long while now.

Lord Neil Gibson is currently allied with the government of South Africa to bring special entertainment events—like boxing matches—to that nation, something that will stimulate the local economy in many different ways.

Furthermore, Lord Neil Gibson is in talks with a California film studio to launch a production company in Belize!

Additionally, we might mention that Lord Neil Gibson is seeking to purchase a diamond mine in South Africa, one he would surely oversee in such a way as to be highly beneficial to the local economy.

And of course, that’s still not the full list—but it is, most assuredly, further evidence that his role as an ambassador of humanitarian goodwill is by no means confined to any particular area!

When you encounter someone with the word “Lord” in front of their name, you probably don’t immediately assume them to be a great humanitarian. Indeed, your first thought might be that the person is some stuffy aristocrat, or a pompous royal figure. What you should know about Lord Neil Gibson from the very get-go is that neither of these things apply to him; actually, he earned his title simply through a land purchase, not because he was born into royalty or because he serves in Parliament. He is not some stuffy or stuck-up social climber, either; no, his priorities lie in far more important areas than that.

In fact, Lord Neil Gibson is someone who is known, first and foremost, for his work helping those in need. Consider, if you will, just a few points from his resume:

  • For a couple of years, Lord Neil Gibson served as the Ambassador at Large in West Africa, where he enacted a rather ingenious plan to bring relief items to those who needed them most. This came about both through his own savvy sense of diplomacy and his problem-solving skills—as well as a keen partnership with Firestone Tire Company!
  • Lord Neil Gibson has also done much to help in the ongoing efforts to rebuild Iraq; specifically, he is involved in endeavors to rebuild the economy and to build new hospitals.
  • Lord Neil Gibson has done much work to bring funds and relief efforts to the still-struggling New Orleans.
  • He is currently working alongside government officials in Belize to bring an important new trade road there.
  • He has helped the struggling nation of Lesotho to rebuild its economy.

In those bullet points we see not the entirety of Lord Neil Gibson’s career, but certainly the important character traits that make him who he is—namely, an ability to form key alliances, and a resolution to help those in need, no matter what part of the globe they’re found on!

Lord Neil B Gibson is a man with a reputation—specifically, a reputation as someone keen on extending goodwill and bringing humanitarian aid to troubled nations that really need it. The extent of his ambassadorial work and humanitarian relief efforts is so vast, however, that it can be a bit daunting just trying to keep up with it all. To simplify matters, and make things a little easier, it might make sense to view these matters chronologically, addressing the different phases of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s humanitarian career on a year-by-year basis. The following timeline is by no means complete, but does highlight some of the most important era of his earliest days as an ambassador and humanitarian.

1998-2000. This is the era we have already mentioned on a previous page, the stage at which Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was appointed Ambassador at Large to West Africa. In this role he worked tirelessly to bring much-needed supplies to impoverished communities. He raised support and collected supplies, clothing items, and books at California schools, and shipped them back to Africa in empty shipping containers, all thanks to a partnership with the Firestone Tire Company!

2000-2004. During these years, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was appointed Honorary Consul General to Liberia, and was charged by the British Foreign Commonwealth Office with distribute aid to those in need throughout West Africa.

2004-2007. During this time, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson traveled the world and formed meaningful partnerships and alliances. His travels took him to such areas as South America, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and various parts of Asia. He formed lasting connections with different businesses in the financial sector, and sowed the seeds for partnerships that would pay off huge dividends in the long run.

In 2008, he obtained his lordship—which does not indicate that he is a member of the British parliament, mind you, but at least offers some indication that he is an upstanding citizen!

And ever since then, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been forming connections and enacting positive social change in nations all over the world. We will talk more in depth about many of these opportunities, but for now, suffice to say that he is not just a citizen in good standing in his native Britain; he is a true citizen of the world, and he takes that responsibility very seriously indeed.

A world traveler, ambassador of humanitarianism and goodwill, and a true global citizen, Lord Neil B Gibson has lent his considerable problem-solving, relief-bringing, and alliance-forming prowess to a number of nations all over the world. We have talked about some of them already. We talked about the amazing work he did when he was appointed as Ambassador at Large to West Africa, partnering with Firestone Tire Company to provide relief and much-needed supplies to nations in ruin. We talked about how he is helping to rebuild the economic infrastructure in Lesotho, and how he is doing much the same thing, as well as building hospitals, in Iraq. And of course, we have also discussed his travels to places as varied as Western Europe and Hong Kong.

But what might surprise you, at first blush, is that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has also lent his services to folks in America. This might be surprising only because we typically do not think of America as having the same kinds of basic needs as somewhere like, say, war-ravaged Iraq, or tiny Lesotho. And yet, when you pause for a moment to consider recent events and current crises that America faces, it quickly becomes apparent that the expertise and humanitarian efforts of a man like Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson might actually come in handy.

Is there a particular area that needs assistance? Why, the City of New Orleans serves as a prime example. You probably know that there have been many charities and organizations to take on the challenge of rebuilding this city in the wake of Katrina, and you probably also know that these efforts are ongoing, and that there is still much work to be done.

What you might not know is that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been integral in some of these ongoing efforts. Indeed, in recent years Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has met with high-ranking Louisiana officials and opened many doors for bringing public and private funding into the city—work that is essential for ensuring that this city continues to find its footing. All of this serves, quite simply, as further proof of the kind of impact Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has in needy regions throughout the world—including those in our own back yard!

Oftentimes, successful public figures become skewed by the opinions of others. The truth is, beyond his great work with international governments, within the financial sector, and in the humanitarian realm, Lord Neil B Gibson is, simply put, a good man who is striving to make a positive difference in this world. How? By using his talents to create constructive change.

• Serving as an ambassador: Named “Ambassador at Large” for West Africa, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has dedicated a great amount of time and energy to collecting, packing, and shipping supplies, such as books, clothes, and computers, into West Africa. He was able to develop his own method of doing so by building a relationship with a local business and partnering with it to facilitate the delivery of these much needed resources.

•Sharing financial talents: Though the goal of many humanitarian groups is to facilitate positive change in a community, the bottom line is that the economics must be there to sustain that change. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has used his penchant for finance to teach international communities and their representatives how to manage their financial assets in the most efficient ways possible.

• Building a better world: Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has created better shelters and infrastructure for people living in several countries around the globe. From the creation of hospitals in Iraq, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has used his resources to create positive, lasting change in other countries. The list of great things that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has done is both long and not all-inclusive, as no true humanitarian reveals all of the great work they have done within the world. The fact of the matter is that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has used his influence, talents, and experience to help other nations, individuals, and companies create a better living environment for their people.

The question “Who is Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson” may seem to be a straightforward one, and indeed it is. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a humanitarian who is knowledgeable about finances and ready and willing to devote his time and energy to helping make this world a better place.

Obviously, when you have a title like Ambassador at Large and a reputation for bringing humanitarian relief to nations as divergent as Hong Kong and Iraq, to say nothing of ravaged areas like New Orleans, it should come as no big surprise to learn that you’re plenty busy, and that you have different projects going on in many different nations. Certainly, this is the case with Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, a man whose ability to bring humanitarian aid to a needy nation is the result of his pragmatic approach, his many powerful alliances, and, more than anything, his refusal to give up or settle for a sub-par solution.

We have already addressed some of the global endeavors of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. We talked about the amazing work he did as Ambassador at Large to West Africa, about his relief work in New Orleans, about his financial rebuilding in Lesotho, even his hospital construction in Iraq. But of course, we could go on and on. Here are just a few more of the many areas in which Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been involved:

Currently, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is hard at work in Central America—specifically, in the nation of Belize. He is working alongside the government of Belize to build a road, one leading from the port in Belize into the nation of Guatemala, something much-needed in that area.

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is currently aligned with the government of South Africa to bring special events—like boxing matches—to that nation, and to promote them, something that will stimulate the local economy in many different ways.

Additionally, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is in talks with a California film studio to launch a production company in Belize!

Finally, we might mention that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is seeking to purchase a diamond mine in South Africa, one he would surely manage and promote in such a way as to be immensely beneficial to the local economy.

Clearly, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a busy man, and he’s busy doing truly important work—helping those in need and bringing economic relief to areas in dire need.