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Stability Education Economic Development = S.E.E.D.

For many years there has been a need for a special type of cooperation between concerned people in the business, finance, economics and government communities. They were worried about how to make jobs, expand business soundly, increase economic activity and at the same time were greatly concerned about the effects this could cause. More jobs sound good but what about the training needed for these new jobs. Would this expansion be creating a specific new class of worker that could be adapted from the existing work force? The finance community was worried about the load that increased need for finance for the new business expansion would place on other sectors. Sometimes in a booming economy people spend rather than save, this cutting into the amount of funds available for business lending. The cost of finance sometimes goes up in an attempt to control needless borrowing while at the same time this can effect the costs of goods or services making some of them outside of the reach of even the average earner. (more…)