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belizeelectionThere are winners and there are losers in politics.  Even the smallest local election can blossom into huge international intrigue with the tools that conspiracy theorists have at their disposal today.  A look, a handshake, or even a wave from across a room can whip the tin foil hat brigade into a frenzy.  They’ll take to their outdated PCs and release the imaginary hounds of Hell on anyone they feel they need to blame for their shortcomings.

If they didn’t win their election, it’s someone else’s fault.

If they didn’t get the toy in their Happy Meal, it’s a government conspiracy.

If their phone gets turned off, it’s not because they didn’t pay the bill for the line linking them from their mother’s basement to the outside world, it’s because somebody did something somewhere that they had no control over; it’s the Bilderbergers! It’s the New World Order! It’s “The Man” trying to shut them down!

It’s amazing how none of this is ever their own fault.  It’s almost as if they have no personal responsibility.  They’re just pawns in the game of life.