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LORD NEIL B. GIBSON has always felt, if you impact the children of the world in need, in any region in a postitive way, that this can impact and have a direct result to a better future. Many times, these children have no voice in their circumstance or condition of existence. They are the first victims of disease and famine and usually the last people listened to. We believe that the best way to protect the children, is to provide the best possible living conditions for their families. This means housing, food, medicine, education and jobs for their parents.

Since 1998, our founders have been working with an entity of international stature as public affairs advisor and fundraiser. In the course of this relationship, access to certain project funding mechanisms have been realized. Accesses to these mechanisms are available only as an accommodation for philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors. The results have led to successful conferences and the real potential to achieve reduction of sovereign debt at the World Development Bank through a specific applied structure. (more…)

A prospective member must have a business, business experience and the desire to perform international business. Initially, the candidate must have some sort of financial capability or the ability to obtain it in an allowable, legal fashion, even though the SEED will be able to assist companies in this area with one of its associates. The most important asset, however, is a candidate’s concern with the global human condition at large.

A candidate must be prepared to work hard and share one’s knowledge, experience and resources for the betterment of everyone. You must understand that it is not wrong to make money by helping others, though there is grievous wrong in accumulating money at another’s expense and detriment. A prospective candidate must understand that the world is shrinking and the seemingly distant concern of your foreign neighbor today will be your problem tomorrow. (more…)


The SEED admits businesses of all sizes, expertise and experience. The SEED will look at businesses of all types, large or small. A company does not necessary require international experience to ascend to the international arena, just demonstrate the desire and commitment to expand. Upon acceptance, members will be given detailed guidelines. This diversity of expertise and perspective allows the SEED a broader wealth of membership to deal with almost any project or situation.

Once membership has been solidified, members are directly introduced to a specific situation, a situation tailored to their expertise and experience, by the SEED. Members are not, however, allowed to present themselves as members of the SEED on an individual basis to procure a project. In order for a member to claim membership to SEED while pursuing business, the member must have the endorsement of the SEED. Advertising services for projects, as members of SEED without SEED approval will be both ineffective and dishonest. The reason behind this stipulation is far reaching, but, simply stated, SEED will know the total need of the situation, the areas in need of the most help and how your professional resources may be invested most efficiently and faithfully. (more…)

Almost every problem can be solved by having the appropriate funds and expertise. The SEED ensures mutual benefit and satisfaction by bringing into play the finest minds in the world to handle each problem. The SEED further ensures and facilitates success by making funds available through its associates. Financial structures used by these associates absorbs the financial burden incorporated within the project with the understanding that each venture would continue and grow to embrace other countries. Each project becomes a pilot to further the prosperity of people in other parts of the world. In effect, the SEED assists in the successful completion of the project, and then supports the business in procuring other projects all over the world.

Membership translates into the financial and technical support of the SEED, coupled with the growing reputation your business would justifiably inherit as a sound and righteous association. All that is required is the extension of your professional services to others, which will invariably lead to an increased potential of profit. The better the human condition the more business that can be conducted by all.

The SEED acts as a bridge between issues, introducing business solutions at the highest possible level under the best possible conditions. Each project requires individualized chemistry and planning. In essence, SEED finds the right company for each job.

Each government imposes certain restraints and concerns that restrict the reach of foreign businesses within the country usually mire projects in gross inefficiency and prohibit the extension of full benefits to those in need. By thoroughly analyzing each project with respect to individual needs and official preferences, SEED eludes many barriers that delay or compromise activity. (more…)

For years it has been the intention of several international humanitarian and philanthropic associations to bring the people of the world together to improve the human condition by discussing issues that effect all of us. In many cases, the solution to these social issues could have a direct, positive economic impact. Natural selection would allow the business community to prosper while solving long-thought incurable social problems. This principle of economic self-correction and self-generating prosperity also lessens the amount of control and interference a particular government has on the business of the people.

Many times, the understanding of those rules and regulations can take more time to decipher than to complete the project. The SEED has a complete and widespread understanding of all-necessary economic rules and regulations, easily able to expedite and facilitate the situation for quick compliance and inception of business.

Stability Education Economic Development = S.E.E.D.

Designed by Lord Neil B. Gibson, SEED is an organization that brings business opportunities forward, communicates across international boundaries and procedures, and delivers opportunities beyond the reach of most communities.

Stability Education Economic Development = S.E.E.D.

For many years there has been a need for a special type of cooperation between concerned people in the business, finance, economics and government communities. They were worried about how to make jobs, expand business soundly, increase economic activity and at the same time were greatly concerned about the effects this could cause. More jobs sound good but what about the training needed for these new jobs. Would this expansion be creating a specific new class of worker that could be adapted from the existing work force? The finance community was worried about the load that increased need for finance for the new business expansion would place on other sectors. Sometimes in a booming economy people spend rather than save, this cutting into the amount of funds available for business lending. The cost of finance sometimes goes up in an attempt to control needless borrowing while at the same time this can effect the costs of goods or services making some of them outside of the reach of even the average earner. (more…)